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Eagle Mountain Wines - Manilla, Australia

Cellar door : Opening in late Autumn 2010 (pending approvals).

Public opening hours : 11am-4pm weekends, other times happily by appointment.

Background : The Vineyard was established in 2001 with the small scale winery crushing the first Shiraz vinatge in 2004. It is located at the base of famous Mt Borah and is the first vineyard and winery in the picturesque and geologically significant Manilla River valley. The vineyard is sited on virgin basalt clays laid over 420 million year old Siltstone sediment beds. The soils provide a unique basis for some fresh and very different wine styles which we are exploring and discovering with every new vintage. Planted, pruned, picked and processed by hand on site and in our very own winery. No chemicals are used on the vines themselves.

Our Wines : We specialise in only 2 red varieties and are endeavouring to produce a new non-mainstream style in each that reflects the very special geological and climatic situation we are in.

The Shiraz is a light/medium body wine that even non red drinkers have enjoyed. It has a fine, crisp, dry palate, and exhibits a delicate fruitiness - it also serves well chilled just like a premium Rose, but with body !

The simply delicious and very premium Cabernet Sauvignon is unlike any other we have tasted anywhere. It is soft, low in acid and carries extensive fruit overtones.

Visiting us ? :
While here why not visit the top of Mt Borah (accessible by 2WD in a few minutes) for the regions best 360 degree panoramic views from over 500m above the valley. Take a picnic lunch and watch the paragliders and eagles fly, or absorb the colourful magic of a “Big Sky Country” sunset with a glass of wine.

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